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Grooming: Double Coated Chow

“They worked miracles on my double coated Chow. This is our first time here and he has honestly never looked this good, he actually looks like he lost weight because they removed so much dead fur. His fur is silky, shiny trimmed and beautiful, i can run my hand through his fur seemlessly. He smells amazing and I almost didn’t recognise him when I first saw him. His trim really emphasises his physique. The staff definitely worked really hard on him , particularly because he hasn’t had a groom in such a long time, they was really professional and knowledgeable about the breed in general and I know Teddy feels so much better without all the dead fur. Thank you to all of you for the world of difference you’ve made to him, I almost can’t wait to be back.”

Chantelle Louise

Grooming Salon

“Hugo has been coming for a hero. for a few years now and he is always well looks after. H always comes back looking great and smelling lovely. I know that while he is there he is always well looked after.”

Carol Williams