Grooming For Cats

We offer various treatments for your cat in a calm, gentle atmosphere with trained cat groomers.

We start with putting your cat into a secure, comfortable heated cattery pen with water and beds.

We assess your cats coat condition, temperamant and requirements.

Cat grooming is on an individual basis and takes time and patience to ensure your cat does not get stressed or upset.

We cannot tell how long your cat will take, that depends on your cat and the treatments required.

We will call you 20 minutes before collection is required.

Regular grooming appointments are recommended to maintain your cats coat once groomed.

Grooming for Cats at the Chaiquinta Grooming Salon near Doncaster

Grooming Price Guide and Additional Treatments

Nails only

‘Pamper me
Includes brush, minor de-matting (if possible), Pawdicure, hygiene tidy, finishing with designer cat pawfume colognes

‘Big Pamper Please’ cat groom
Lion cuts and designer styling.
Includes luxury cat spa, Pawdicure, shave, de-matting, styling, finishing with designer cat pawfume colognes.

Cat individualised home pamper pack available in store
Shampoo, conditioners, brushes, combs, pawfume and accessories

Cat grooming is a delicate art, it takes time and patience to goom a cat. A cat may be with us some time, we will NOT rush a cat groom; please do not ask us to.


Chaiquinta offers it all……

Booking required for all grooming appointments,Please call to check our availability or to see if we have had an appointment become free!

We recommend pre booking at least 3 appointments in advance.

Many of our customers book all their years’ appointments in advance ensuring they get the time and day they prefer.

Book your cat in to our Grooming Salon.

We will call you 20 minutes before your pet is ready, we do not have a production line grooming salon therefore the time it takes to groom your pet is a guide.

Should you be more than 30 minutes late to collect your pet, boarding day care fees will be incurred. We refuse to leave pets in crates therefore; they are housed during their time with us in heated accommodation with soft bedding, water and regular outside breaks that require full cleaning in-betwen guests.

Fleas and Ticks

If your cat is found to have either fleas or ticks during the grooming session you will be charged an additional £10 to cover the cost of treating the premises, the equipment and the expense of cancelling & re-arranging the rest of the days clients.