Doggie Daycare at Chaiquinta Pet Hotel

Dog day care is available Monday to Friday from 7am to 5.30pm (drop off times: 7am, 8am, 9am or 10am)

Call reception to book a time to drop off and collect, ensuring your pet care is available.

Doggie day care is a great way for your dog to gain confidence.

They can make new friends both 2 and 4 legged (if they want to be sociable) and get great exercise in a safe, secure environment.

Doesn’t your dog deserve it??

We know the Enrichment of your pet is fundamentally important to their wellbeing.

Dogs are social, inquisitive creatures, they love to find, search and experience things.

We provide lots of variety and can cater for all temperaments, ages and abilities and needs.

“My dog absolutely loves coming here for daycare, he drags me down the drive to get in. I always leave here happy knowing he’s safe and well looked after. The staff are all lovely and always have time if you need anything.

I would 100% highly recommend this place.”

Karen Clifton

You may have a dog that never leaves your side!

Well that’s great, except your dog may now have separation anxiety or behavioural issues that being part of a confident positive enrichment day-care will help bring your dogs confidence back and de-stress them.

You are at work and your dog only gets a walk in the morning or after work.

We can walk them, play games with them; they can have a go on our agility courses and have cuddles whilst you are at work. Then you do not need to exercise them at home, just cuddle all night.

You are decorating or doing DIY, gardening or trades people in!

We can take the headache out of your dog getting hurt, being in the way, stealing the trades persons stuff or getting out accidentally.

You are having a day out shopping, seeing friends, enjoying your day off, babysitting, birthday treat or having friend or family round!

We can look after your dog while you have a great time.

Your dogs booking into our grooming salon

Why not make it a doggie spa day?

We do all the great fun day-care things, but before you collect, your dog has ther Luxury groom or Spa in our onsite grooming salon. Pawfect day , exercised, groomed and smelling divine too.

Is it your dog’s birthday?

Why not treat them to a doggie birthday party day at Chaiquinta Pet Hotel and grooming salon. We will even make a doggie cake for them. This is a bespoke sevice for your dog. Ask Lisa for details..

Call to register and book today.

Tel. 01332 844867

All dogs must be fully vaccinated

Vaccination record must be provided on arrival

Doggie Spa Days

This includes puppy play school or doggie day care and full grooming or spa services.

Booking required.

Agreed times for drop of and collection need to be arranged prior to day, subject to availability.

Weekends daycare is subject to availability and only until our normal weekend daily closing times.