The Chaiquinta Pet Grooming Salon for dogs and cats. Doncaster
We're not just Dog or Cat GROOMERS - we own and love pets x

The Chaiquinta Pet Grooming Salon grooming services for both Dogs and Cats has been designed for space and comfort which allows  your Pets  time to relax and enjoy as they are groomed, whilst enabling us to see them at all times.

Our fully qualified groomers are pet owners as well as having several years experience within the grooming industry. Our groomers always keep up to date with current dog and cat trends and fashion by attending regular courses and shows.

We only use quality grooming products,  shampoos, conditioning products and pet colognes, not only does your dog or cat look good but smells great too.

Grooming at Chaiquinta Dog Groomers. DoncasterChaiquinta Pet Grooming ServicesChaiquinta Pet Grooming ServicesChaiquinta Pet Grooming Services

We understand not all pets like to be groomed; therefore we take our time, ensuring your pet never feels stressed or rushed, and for those who enjoy the grooming sensation, can fully benefit from being pampered by our groomers. Whether by the relaxing hair-flow machine, this removes excessive water and hairs whilst gently massaging the skin or by the therapeutic massage bath with aromatic fragrances.

Cat in for grooming in Chaiquinta Cat grooming salon. Doncaster
One of our many cats that come in for cat grooming here at Chaiquinta Cat grooming Salon,Doncaster
You can meet your pet's groomer to explain what your requirements are, and our groomers are there to advise you too. You may have limited time to brush or maintain the style, or your pet is very active and you want a low maintenance style. Even the seasons can affect the required style your pet may need, please do not hesitate to ask your groomer.

Why trust your special beloved dog or cat to anyone?Cat for Grooming

We love pets:- We're not just a pet GROOMERS x

More images from our Grooming Salon can be viewed on the Gallery page. 

To book your Dog or Cat into the Chaiquinta Pet Grooming Salon or just to ask for advice, please contact us

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